Spaghetti a la puttanesca Vegetarian Quiche Lorraine Hot dog with lettuce and french fries Grilled chicken wings Cheese and olive salad Grilled chicken and salad in tortilla wrap Chili con carne burrito in taco shell Stuffed mushroom and tomato Seafood risotto with shrimps Grilled sardine fish with potato wedges Viener schnitzel, breaded steak with french fries Roasted chicken leg Roasted chicken leg with vegetables Egg rolls filled with vegetables Grilled salmon steak Grilled salmon steak and vegetables Muffins with raspberry and cream topping Deviled eggs with beans Prosciutto di Parma Roasted lamb chops Croissants for breakfast Champignon mushrooms with tomato and garlic Cheese salad Red cocktail drink White wine Glass of white wine Italian food ingredients